• $11.99

    Mozzarella Sticks

    Served with ranch sauce

  • $10.99


    Crispy, lightly seasoned and served with chipotle mayo

  • $9.99

    House Made Onion Rings

    Made fresh in-house, sliced,spiced and battered to order

  • $11.99


    Our fresh cut fries topped with melted cheese curds and our poutine sauce
    See our poutine section for more great Varieties!

  • $10.99

    Deep Fried Pickles

    served with ranch sauce

  • $8.99

    Garlic Bread

    Four slices of French Baguette brushed with garlic butter and herbs
    Add cheese or bacon $2.99 each

  • $11.99

    Garlic Breaded Mushrooms

    With ranch sauce

  • $11.99

    Malibu Coconut Shrimp

    Large shrimp hand breaded in coconut. Served with a sweet chilli Thai  sauce

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